Dr. Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a system for balancing the human physical structure by means of connective tissue manipulation and education. It reorganizes and reshapes the body-as-a-whole by releasing the tensions involved in chronic holding patterns systematically moving tissue back toward the balanced architecture of the body.

Benefits of Rolfing:

Greater length

Pain relief

Improved mobility, agility and performance

Alignment/ Improved posture that lasts

Improves compensation patterns

Circulation and fluid exchange improvements from the increased space

Breathing more easeful and oxygen exchange improved

Better outlook literally and figuratively

Ida Rolf ‘s fundamental concepts:


  • Gravity is the unseen environment in which we live.
  • We are dependent on it because it supports our structure. When you step down it pushes you back with “equal and opposite force” thereby propelling us forward.
  • Gravity is our primary physical therapist.




  • Most of us are significantly out of alignment.
  • We feel and function better when we are aligned with gravity.





“The Whole is Greater than the sum of it’s parts”

  • Approaching the body as a whole verses isolated segments allows it to function as a unit.


Fascia / Connective Tissue

  • Fascia is a web-like biological fabric that functions like glue, scaffolding, or guy-wires that hold our bodies together as well as providing flexibility of movement.
  • This intracellular substance is very plastic, adapting and changing to support our emotional and physical demands.
  • Fascia is made up of elastin, collagen, reticulin and fibers which allows it to be easily manipulated and molded like clay.


  • Life is a process.
  • Things take time to change.
  • Rolfing is generally a series of 10 treatments that systematically work through the body.


Better use of Human Beings

  • When we physically smile we feel happier. When we can find the central axis of our whole body we feel mentally and physically better.
  • Evolution demonstrates humans as becoming more erect in our stance. Structural Integration brings us towards this up-right posture.