We are fortunate to live in a time where many acute and chronic ailments are greatly improved and/ or entirely abated by our modern medical advancements. Many surgical procedures are now minimally invasive and have drastically improved positive outcomes and recovery time. With the understanding that the decision to have surgery is rarely an easeful experience, my primary intention is to accessing your health goals. Reviewing your conservative as well as radical options, hearing and addressing your concerns are important aspects to feeling clear and confident in your plan of action. I am committed to preparing individuals physically, mentally and nutritionally before and after surgery. After surgery it is common to forget that we have resources and options for pain management. Acupuncture has been shown to decrease pain to tolerable levels often lasting longer than pain medications with the additional benefit of eliminating undesirable side effects. (see battle field Acup) After surgery it can be difficult to get around in which case I offer home visits for the first week of post-op. Working with your rehabilitation specialists, we will continue supporting you as you strengthen and integrate the changes toward a positive outcome. Surgery is an event but life and healing is a process and I would like to support you in this process.