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Jessica is completely knowledgeable and dedicated to her practice. Always going the extra mile. She takes the time necessary to listen, understand, explain and execute an alliance and complete partnership with each patient.
— Joann in Santa Cruz, CA | April 6, 2016

I had never received acupuncture before, and was slightly skeptical of its benefits. However after a session with Jessica, she had thoroughly helped the pain I had from carpal tunnel. It has now been a few weeks since I had the session and I have not had any flare ups since.
— Jean-Paul Faraj – Graphic Designer Oct. 2016

Jessica has a profound understanding of the body and applies her knowledge with gentleness, precision and effective treatments. I highly recommend her!
— Anonyms, Santa Cruz, CA | Feb 20, 2017

Jessica is one of the best hands on healers I have experienced—an artist in that her work comes from her deep ability to be present with what she sees and feels and to this she brings her knowledge. A true wonder! Her ebullience simply heightens her gifts.
— Tandy Beal | 2014

After just one session I was feeling so much more energy, clarity, and grounded! Jessica is thorough, patient, and deeply caring in her sessions. Her space is cozy and right from ‘Hello” I felt welcomed. I went for an overall balancing session as my energy was feeling drained. I also had some pain on the right, back side of my skull. She gave me acupuncture and also did rolfing on me. It felt incredible and I highly recommend the duo as it is weeks later and I am still reveling in the release and energy I gained from that session.
— Amber Champion – Life Coach, Yoga instructor 2016

I am a professional dancer, and circus artist and currently doing a PhD at UC Davis. I know the extremes of movement, from both dynamic acrobatics to sitting long hours as I write my PhD. Whenever my back goes out, or my ankle is rolled or my shoulder is stuck I turn to Jessica and her healing combination of Rolfing and Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring me back into a integrated healthy moving body. Jessica understands the body not as a self contained unit but as situated in interactions with the physical world. She asks the right questions so that she understand how a particular injury came into form and then follows a treatment plan that both fixes the issue but also brings awareness to the pattern that created the issue so that I do not repeat it. I recommend Jessica to everyone I know!
— Kevin O'Connor 2017